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Authorized dealer of Chinook wind machines

In head to head tests with competitor products, Chinook machines move more air for better crop protection.

The Chinook Composite Fan Blade covers more ground and saves fuel:

  • Advanced trailing edge wedge and swept blade design requires less horsepower and pushes at least 20% more air.

  • Fan sector coverage is wider for shorter run times

  • The blade’s high strength and low swing weight team up for smoother running and less vibration with no need for tower vibration dampeners


Chinook Power Units – Look what’s inside the Chinook 15 LPG

  • Ford V10 6.8 liter engine extra long life valves, seats and rings

  • Industrial sized crankcase and radiator

  • Aluminum bell housing

  • Heavy duty clutch, 10 spline x 1 3/8″ input

  • Safety shutdown for oil pressure, water tempatature & over speed

  • Optional auto-start with digital thermostat


Investment Benefits

  • Higher Yields

  • Reduced Labor

  • Lower Fuel Costs

  • Minimized maintenance

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