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Les Petersen Drilling & Pump began serving the water needs of Northern California residents, businesses and municipalities in 1946. Much has changed since 1946, but two things have remained constant – people's need for access to a dependable water systems and the commitment of Petersen Drilling & Pump to provide state-of-the-art services at competitive rates. Les Petersen Drilling & Pump offers a complete range of water system services including design, development, construction, installation, and equipment sales and repair.

Les, Ray, Matt Petersen

Owner/Manager Matt Petersen has been involved in the well drilling and pump business his entire life. Matt's grandfather, Les Petersen, started Les Petersen Drilling & Pump Company in 1946. Les passed the baton to Ray Petersen, Matt's father, who continued to advance the business. Matt is the third generation, continuing the legacy that was started over 74 years ago.  


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Well Drilling

The heart of your water system is the well. The type, location, depth, size and material are all specific to your needs. We have knowledgeable solutions when foot by foot conditions change. This expertise is the reason Les Petersen Drilling has excelled for 75 years. We use the most advanced air rotary drilling rigs to drill wells for domestic, agricultural, and municipal use. Our rigs are capable of drilling over 1,000 ft deep, and through any formation the local geology has to offer. Along with these rigs we provide a full team of personnel and equipment to support every logistical drilling need.

Water Systems


Design, planning and installation are seamlessly integrated at Petersen. Every build is specific to each customer. Tell us your need and we will make it happen.

Our knowledge of water systems is proven through efficiency and reliability. We employ highly trained and well-rounded pump technicians who can cover a wide range of jobs and troubleshooting including electrical, and plumbing. 


We've learned a thing or two in 74 years.


All systems need service to maintain efficient operation. Many costly system damages can be averted by a simple technician inspection.


We provide:  

-24/7 emergency service

-Scheduled yearly inspections

-Pre-frost system checks

-System winter weatherization

-Spring startup inspections

Plumbing & Electrical Service


Most pump systems are now driven by electricity. We install all electrical connections needed for most power water systems. Our expertise includes three phase and single phase, power poles, meter panels, and pump control panels. We work on both overhead and underground systems. 


We provide underground and aboveground plumbing services for water systems. Be it PVC, galvanized, ductile iron or copper, we design efficient pipe and control systems to move water to where you need it. Our personnel are expert plumbers, backed with tools and materials to complete every job presented to them. 

Water Treatment & Filtration


Our GPM Petersen filtration division employs specialists who install and maintain water treatment systems of all sizes including softeners, iron and manganese filters, reverse osmosis, ozone, chlorination, and ultraviolet purifiers.

We use only the best products available and stock a full line of parts and materials to keep your systems up and running. We also maintain water testing capabilities. For more information visit GPM Petersen



We sell a wide range of water filters. These filters range from simple screen filters to automatic self flushing screen, sand media and disk type filters for your domestic, agricultural, municipal, commercial applications.


Filters range in size from 3/4″ to 36″ as required for your application.

Storage Tanks

We provide and install storage tanks for water supply and fire protection. We are an authorized dealer for installation from ground prep to system connections of all sizes of storage tanks.


Example sizes include:

  • 300 to 10,000 gallon Polyethylene storage tanks

  • 5,500 to 10,500 gallon concrete storage tanks

  • 150,000+ gallon steel storage tanks

Frost Protection

While Sonoma country produces a great climate for agricultural growing it also consists of a frost season. Exceeding all other weather related phenomena, Frost contributes to the most losses in the United States.

To combat frost, we install and maintain two different types of active frost protection systems;


- Sprinkler pump systems ​

These systems consist of water pumps to move a high volume of water to over plant sprinklers and need to be reliable. 

- Wind machines

Wind machine service is very specialized and few maintain the capability.

We are an authorized dealer of Chinook wind machines

In head to head tests with competitor products, Chinook machines move more air for better crop protection.


We provide, install and service a wide range of engines for water systems and wind machines. Our diesel, propane and gas engines range anywhere from 20 Hp to 500 Hp. Engine driven pumps, both well turbine and booster, require installation with technical precision. From the mounting to the fine tuning of pumping, We have the expertise and experience to get the job done right!   

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Les Petersen Drilling & Pump has been installing and servicing water wells and pump systems in Northern California since 1946. Our commitment to offer only the very best service and materials, coupled with our long-standing relationships with our customers, are the reasons our company is your best choice for all your water needs.

We look forward to serving you. Here's an overview of the many services we provide:

Domestic Water

Every home needs water. Simply put, the majority of rural residences rely on well water. Petersen Drilling & Pump is here for you. We install domestic water systems with a focus on creating life-long relationships with our customers, providing knowledge and service to each specific property and water situation.

Agricultural Water

We have been serving the agricultural community of Sonoma County for decades. While the type of crops have changed through the years, the need for water for those crops, poultry and livestock has not. We supply, service and maintain agricultural water systems and pumps of all sizes. No job is too large or too small. From frost protection to drip, overhead sprinklers to sump and drainage, pond/creek/river intake piping systems to diesel engine turbine pumps, 500 hp+ down to ½ hp, single phase to three phase, from high voltage to low voltage, filtration to water meters, ½” plumbing to 36” plumbing; if it has to do with water, we can do it.

No matter the size of the job, if it has to do with water, we can help you.
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